Compatibility Astrological Horoscope

Practical astrology in couples relationships.

In India, there has always been a tradition to study the horoscope of young men and women before they meet as a potential couple. I personally know of at least 10 Indian families whose parents first checked their horoscopes to see that the compatibility was good before introducing them.

All these families are successful and happy, with a warm, loving atmosphere

By the way, in India are a greater percentage of “arranged” marriages than love marriages. And there are fewer divorces in India. The main reason is that in this culture they understand the importance of studying the Astro-psychological compatibility of a pair.

In another application of the concept, a very successful Indian businessman whom we know recruits workers to a company that is only astrologically compatible with him. Due to this, he has a healthy atmosphere in the team, which contributes to the successful business.

Preserving the balance

If people are already together, how can the compatibility horoscope help?. If a man and a woman are already together, then between them there must be some percentage of compatibility and a certain common karmic task. By studying the horoscopes of a couple, a good Astro psychologist can explain their deep inner natures which are important to accept and use correctly. For example, once a woman approached me, she had already planned to divorce her husband because of scandals. Checking their horoscopes, I saw that both have complex astrological periods and a lot of stress. The position of Mars and Jupiter in the horoscope of the man showed a manifestation of aggressiveness due to an overload. I explained how to avoid stressful situations, and how the wife should behave in case of stressful situations. It’s been 5 years. They are still together and happy.

We will briefly describe the importance of Social, Physiological, Emotional, Intellectual and Spiritual compatibilities for the couple. It could also be important for business partners.

Do You think the compatibility horoscope would be helpful for you?

To determine the social compatibility, a detailed study of the couples horoscopes is required, since it is important to consider many factors of the horoscope. The position of the Sun planet in the sign and house of the horoscope shows the Goal of Life. If the goals of life are similar, it is easier to overcome weak physiological and emotional compatibility.
Social compatibility determines how culture, social perception, education, profession, and the overall position in the society for a man and a woman are suitable for their long, happy life together.

 Respect in relationships – Naturally

Since antiquity, it was believed that for good social compatibility a man should be equal or slightly higher in his social status in order for a woman to easily respect and listen to him. Today, most women work on an equal basis with men, and often women occupy higher positions at work. But ancient wisdom never becomes unimportant. A man should still be equal to a woman’s social position or slightly higher. This is one of the important aspects of a good family union.
Recently, my client told me that her father was from a simple peasant family and mother from a family of urban intellectuals. When mom married, she had to move to the village and live with bathing and toilet facilities outside the house. And when she was born, her mom left her dad because of the difficult living conditions for her … It is a pity that the parents of my client did not check the horoscope when they met.

But when the family is already created, and have children, the astropsychology can certainly help preserve the understanding and balance in the relationships.

Physiological Compatibility:

Marriage is a combination of two world views, two lives, two tribal systems for the creative movement of life, procreation.

In order for life together to prolong, be healthy and happy, it is important to understand the different facets of your nature and that of your partner, one of which is physiological.

Physiological compatibility is easily determined by the horoscope.
In general, it includes the following aspects:
? Constitution
? Genotype
?Preference in nutrition
⛷ Preference in physical activity.

##By studying the horoscope, you can determine which physiological type is more suitable for the male or female. And if a man and a woman are already together, then Astro-psychology can give a key to a better setting for compatibility.

For example, several years ago I talked with a man who complained that his wife loves the gym, and he loves nature more. He said that because of this they spend little time together.
Based on their astrological charts, I proposed the idea of joint sports, such as cross-country and alpine skiing, cycling, and tennis, so that everyone’s interests are satisfied. Now they are happy, spend a lot of time with each other, send pictures from different ski slopes of the world.

Once, a woman friend of mine complained that she and her husband had very different tastes in food. He loves very hot, spicy food, and she loves simple soups. Looking at her horoscope, I saw that most of the planets are in fire signs, and for the physiological balance, soft, not spicy food is important to her. Now, in their family, seasonings are prepared separately and the husband adds seasonings to his own plates. As a result, both are satisfied and healthy.

 What is Emotional Compatibility

It is always clear in the horoscope if a person is an introvert or extrovert.

When an extrovert and an introvert live together, sometimes it happens like this:
She: “Darling, I want to have a party tomorrow and invite all our friends”
He, in a raised voice: “When will peace be at home ?! When can I relax, relax calmly?” It is important for an introvert to have more time for privacy. He loses energy if he is constantly with people, and this brings irritation. And an extrovert, on the contrary, draws energy from communication.

The emotional sphere is what relaxes, brings joy. That is, relaxation, entertainment, what films we watch, what kind of music we listen to.
If Venus in a horoscope stands with Mars, for example, in the sign of Aries, then a person needs an active, sporting vacation, could be outdoors in a tent.
And if Venus is in the 11th house in the sign of Taurus, then for such a woman or man the main thing on vacation is the comfort level of the hotel.

Astrology helps to understand Your nature deeper, better, so as not to quarrel, but rather to find compromises.

Feel the emotional harmony in a couple? How can it be improved? Or is everything perfect already?

What is Intellectual Compatibility

What is the Intellectual sphere? ? Ability and desire to study, education ?Cultivating positive or negative thoughts ?Effective and creative organization of time. Depending on the position of the planets in the horoscope, you can see if the partner identifies himself more with the body or with the emotions or with the mind and soul. For example, if the moon is in Aries in the first house of a horoscope, then the appearance is extremely important for the person. Intellectual compatibility is better if the perception of self in both partners is similar. For example, both identify themselves more with their soul, or both identify themselves more with their bodies. Basically, the position of the Moon, Mercury, and Jupiter, in the horoscope, reveals the nature of the mind.

Once, my friend complained, “I am so tired of my husband being constantly late for work. Then he is late to pick up the child from school. Why am I doing everything on time?””Because your horoscopes are different,” I reply. You have Mercury in the sign of Virgo in the 2nd house. This position helps you to be organized – with both feet standing on the ground. And he has Mercury in Pisces in the 8th house. With this position in the horoscope, it is difficult to be organized. But there is strong intuition and desire for the spiritual quest!

Also, different astrological periods of life can affect the internal mental state of a person. There are certain astrological periods which are important to know. For example, while in ‘Sadesati’ your wife may seem to suddenly become grumpy. By understanding this it will be easier for you to help her.

By the way, the period of ‘Sadesati’ is associated with the planet Saturn, the most “strict” teacher. He often gives difficult lessons of fate.

Saturn governs Saturday. In general and especially on Saturdays by performing activities such as: helping the elderly or the sick, leading a clean lifestyle (especially vegetarianism), and staying away from bad habits you can improve your relationship with Saturn and ease karma.

To determine the social compatibility, a detailed study of the horoscopes of the couple is required, since it is important to consider the many factors of the horoscope. The position of the Sun planet in the sign and house of the horoscope shows the Goal of Life. If the goals of life are similar, it is easier to overcome weak physiological and emotional compatibility.

 What is Spiritual compatibility.

The position of the planet Jupiter in houses and zodiac signs, the position of the Sun and the Moon, other details of the horoscope are taken into account. Studying horoscopes can reveal important aspects of spiritual compatibility: ? How each partner is prone to faith and spiritual practice. Does he see, and know his mission, his contribution to the world? Does he expect that everyone should serve him, help him, or If both the boy and the girl are prone to spiritual improvement, they will help each other grow internally and improve together. When one of the partners takes the spiritual path, and the other does not accept spiritual principles, this creates additional friction, difficulties in the relationship. “It is the degree of spiritual compatibility that most affects the harmony in a family or friendship over long term relationship.

For example, if a man has Jupiter in the sign of Cancer in the 9th house of the horoscope, then he is very inclined to a spiritual, religious way of life. And this may not appear immediately, but with age, there will be a deep interest in the spiritual. If at the same time, his wife’s Jupiter is in Capricorn in the 2nd house horoscope, she may have little interest in the spiritual path, but in the center of her attention will be financial savings. At the same time, the couple may have good compatibility in other areas. But if people do not know what the differences in their spiritual nature are, then problems may arise in relations after 10 or even 20 years of marriage or friendship.

On the other hand, a good Astro-psychologist can always show how to harmoniously use the nature of each in a relationship.

Do You want to understand the detailed astrological compatibility with Your partner? We will be happy to help both of You to achieve a harmonious and productive relationship!

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